What is the program about?

This program has been designed to breathe life back into the term “work ethic”.  We empower our kids and adults with the satisfaction in a job well done simply because it was well done.   A ranch is all about respect and hard work.  The rewards are infinite if valued.  A ranch “crew” has an earned hierarchy that must be respected in order to maximize safety and maintain order.  That “crew” must also be made of individuals who can critically
think, problem solve, report, and act in an ever changing environment. Being a Junior Ranch Hand is a way of life.  It does not only exist at the ranch.
Our trainees are expected to be respectful, courteous, and helpful at all times and in all places.  They are also expected to work hard on their studies and other pursuits.

Who can play?

The minimum age is 8 years old.  We have no maximum age.

Weight restriction - Trainees must weigh no more than 210lbs (this is for the safety of the horses)

 We are looking for trainees that love horses and love the ranch lifestyle.  The rest can be taught.

What steps to take to get into the program?

  Step 1 – Read through all of the information above. in each tab.

Step 2 – Contact Lea at 520 709 9302

(leave a message if she doesn’t answer – she gets busy playing with the horses)

She will take you through the rest of the steps and get you registered.


56062 W Pulk Place, Maricopa, AZ 85139

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