What to Expect and What is Expected at orientation “Sonny”?:

We have 2 confirmed dates for orientation - “Sonny” session.

They are both the same and you only need to attend one of them.

When you arrive you will be greeted in the parking area (anywhere out front of the ranch house).  If for some reason we miss seeing you drive in, come knock on the front door.  You are welcome to bring your whole family but they must all be attired properly and follow the rules.

  • Hour one : Introductions, ranch rules, and meeting all the characters (crew, horses, dogs, and chickens)

  • Hour two : Reviewing the training book and going over expectations

  • Hour three: Meal time – we are all about sharing and caring at the ranch so we like to do potlucks(there is nothing more “ranch” then a good ol’ fashion potluck)  -- Please bring a food item to share.

Keep an eye on the Facebook page for updates on what everyone is bringing (and to update what you want to bring).

We do this now because we had one potluck with 5 potato salads.  All very good but still a lot of potato salad.

  • Hour four: The benefits and rewards available to earn with this program as well as a discussion of the Arena Camp Out and Sonny Day Showcase.

All trainees and their parent/caregiver (for minors) must participate in the Ranch Orientation "Sonny".

There is no additional cost for the parents to participate in this camp.

It is important to us that the parents are equally aware of how the ranch works, what will be expected of their child/ren, and the rules.

This is a prerequisite into any of the other 12 sessions.

If you are unable to attend the scheduled “Sonny” you may book a private session ($25 fee) or wait for a future session to open up

(however, you cannot start the program until you have completed “Sonny”)

“Sonny” is a Ranch and Program Orientation only.  There is no ride lesson in this session.

Always try to arrive on time.

We have a tight schedule to follow in order to complete all the content.

Proper attire is needed (see "What to Have" tab above)



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