What to Bring and Not Bring

Every trainee is expected to arrive ready to work.

Trainees that arrive without the required attire, gear, and grooming may not get to participate in certain parts of the camp.

Attire: (minimum requirements)

Conservative shirts (meaning they cover the chest and tummy)

Long pants (cover your rear)

Hard Toed Shoes or Boots (this is a safety item and non-negotiable)

Grooming: (minimum requirements)

Hair – brushed, and pulled back (if long)

Teeth – brushed

Body – not stinkin’   - this does include body odor and perfumes.

The horses have a strong sense of smell and have been known to turn away from strong odors. Plus, the horses stink enough for all of us!

One of the fundamental values that we encourage is respect and that includes respecting self by being clean and tidy.

Gear: (minimum requirements)

An EQUESTRIAN Helmet (that has not been involved in a significant fall involving the head).

This is optional but highly recommended for trainees over the age of 18.

What else may be useful to bring to camp?:

Bottled Water – we will always have extra water around.  This is a ranch in a desert.  But most of the time people bring personal bottles so that they can remember which is theirs.

Hat – A cowboy hat or ball cap is useful for keeping the sun off of the face during chores and non-riding activities.

Cool Clothes – when it is real hot outside a cool cloth helps tremendously.

Cold Weather Clothes – when winter sets in it can get a bit nippy outside.  It’s a good idea to bring some layers.

Sunglasses – it is Arizona after all.

What should you not use at camp?:

ELECTRONICS – the only exception to this is devices with cameras – and cameras should only be used when the trainee has no other tasks.  Texting, Phone Calls, and Gaming is not allowed in the work area.  If you need to take or make a call you will need to step into the backyard area or the parking area.



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